Quinn Gens was an amazingly tender Soul who suffered and struggled daily in this world, but would keep going with a kindhearted smile and infectious laugh. He was always good-natured and compassionate, with a love of laughter, song, and dance. There are no words to truly describe this extraordinary young man, but his love of life was certainly the best feeling in the world.

Quinn was very cognizant of his struggles and differences, and the hurt from these was more than he could bear. He could have won an Oscar by how well he hid these feelings from everyone who loved and knew him well. Quinn had very strong convictions about life, and even stronger desires for the way he wanted to live; and the physical limitations he was born with handicapped those expectations.

At age 19, his family was not enough for him to stay in this world. He wanted so much more, for himself, and those he loved. Now he no longer struggles with that which he could not bear. With that knowledge, there is peace, because Quinn is in the Temple of Light, in Heaven.

Quinn is survived by his parents: Laura and Timothy Gens; his siblings: Julia, Eva, and Henry; and the family's two pugs: Louie and Tsewa. The list of surviving relatives, friends, and supporters is too long to recount - but they were a part of his life and all of them deeply loved, and will deeply miss, Quinn Timothy Gens. He is, was, and will always be, a Light Being; a Divine Spark in the Universe. We love you, Quinn, forever and always.

A memorial service was held in Chicago, where the majority of his relatives reside, and, in lieu of flowers or cards, Quinn's family would love donations to go to QuinnCares.

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